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The Product

When you order one of our products you will receive a hand painted, airbrushed one of a kind work of art. All of our items are hand made and painted. We use commercial sign board called Crezon that is 1/2 inch thick. Each item is cut with a precision CNC router and the edges are rounded for a smooth finish. The backs and edges are painted black and the front is painted with a commercial sign paint for long lasting durability. We also offer custom designed signs that are made the same way as all the items on the website. For an amazing and unique lawn display this Christmas Contact us at creativeoutlet@seasonallawnart.com or call us at 780-349-2916.

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The Material

We start every piece with a 4' x 8' sheet of Crezone. Crezone plywood is a standard plywood sheet with a special smooth surface designed for signage purposes. It will not crack like regular plywood and finished very nicely with its smooth finish. Crezone is designed for permanent outdoor signage purposes which makes it a perfect material for your outdoor lawn decor!

The Paint

All of our pieces are hand painted and airbrushed in a special way to give them their vibrant and glossy look. We use a special commercial sign paint that is meant for outdoor use, it will never fade and is excellent at resisting any type of weather. All of our products finish glossy and beautiful without the need of a clear coat. We still put out pieces from when we started, 15 years ago, that look as great now as they did brand new!

Displaying your Pieces

All of our lawn art comes with a half inch steel rod and brackets on the back. To display your pieces in your yard all you have to do is drive the rod about a foot into the ground and slide the pieces brackets onto the rod.

Storing your Pieces

When you receive your piece it will come in a protective sleeve. It is best to keep this sleeve for storage in the off season. All our products are flat and are easy to store. If you have more than one piece make sure to stack them face to face so the front does not become damaged. No off season maintance needs to happen because of the wood and paint we use. There is no clear coat that needs to be applied.